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Amanda Brumbelow

Founder | CEO | Business Coach

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My personal core values are "commitment" and "courage". I uphold these daily in my personal and professional life. My husband and I have been married for more than 25 years and we have two daughters. Our family values are "honesty, respect, and fun". We love to travel and spend time outside hiking or boating with our two dogs.

Professionally, I specialize in process optimization, leadership development, and defining KPIs that help you scale your business. I have over 20 years experience in the field of title insurance operations. I am well rounded with both corporate business and small business owner experience.My purpose is "To learn today to improve tomorrow". With my entrepreneurial/growth mindset I will help you ARDÚ™ your business!


2022 | System & Soul certified coach

2021 | EOS Integrator Masterclass w/Mark Winters


Articulate | Refine | Develop | Unveil

In my years as a business owner or an executive leader, I've learned that a system is the difference between companies that survive, and those that actually thrive. Think about it, even the smart phone in your hand requires an operating system. Learn more about my story by watching the YouTube video embedded in the “My Story” button below.

My data-driven approach has transformed businesses, dramatically improving their metrics, processes,and most importantly developing leaders within the organization.

Let's ARDÚ™ your business by starting with articulating your business need, refining your approach, developing a solution together, and unveiling your maximum potential!

what i offer

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Let's refine your proceses and get you the data you need to make crucial decisions to grow your business.

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Process Optimization & KPI's

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Let me point your business in the right direction, using a mix of foresight and insight to coach a mindset of growth in your team.

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Leadership Development

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Operating System

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Use my years of experience to implement a system and define your culture. Get your team on the same page to scale the business.



What does ardÚ mean?

The English word, elevate translates in Gaelic or Irishto the word ardúwhich also means rise. In French ardu is the root of the English word arduous which means difficult. If you're a business owner, you know it takes hard work, determination, and focus to elevate your business to it's maximum potential.

What does ardÚ™️ my business mean?

ARDÚ Business Advisors, LLC will help you articulate, refine, develop, and unveil your business opportunities through process optimization & KPIs, leadership development, and implementing an operating system to scale your business.

What is your CHALLENGE as a business owner?

In my experience most business owners think the horizon is out of reach because you're spending most of your time working in the business instead of working on the business. ARDÚ Business Advisors, LLCwill coach you and your team to break the ceiling holding your business back.

WHo is the ideal clIent forardÚ BUSINESS ADvisors?

The ideal client is an owner operated small business startup or established business with 10-250 associates. ARDÚ seeks clients nationwide and is an expert in helping title companies grow. It’s important that you have a mindset to grow and are ready to address the issues that are slowing your potential.


Northwest Arkansas (NWA)is a rapidly growing and prosperous community. The area is home to many Fortune 500 company headquarters.

There is a need for affordable housing in NWA. I currently serve as the president of the Board of Directors for Habitat for Humanity of Washington County, Arkansas. Habitat "builds strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership".

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